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  • Material Matters: Navigating Bone Grafting Choices in Regenerative Dentistry

    Dr. Rodrigo Neiva

    Rodrigo Neiva, Chair of the department of Periodontics at the University of Pennsylvania offers a candid view on defining the ideal bone grafting material and the impact of choosing the right materials. While we strive to develop robust tissue beds for implants, the quality of bone we gain may prove to have greater impact upon tissue longevity and health. Discussions cover the evidence that select graft materials may be prime candidates for long-term “Graft Failure” while others show that they encourage the formation of completely natural bone. Dr. Neiva reviews the present grafting material options and looks into matching material to specific regenerative procedures.

  • Vertical Ridge Augmentation: Foundations and Frontiers in Dental Regeneration

    Dr. Bach Le

    Bach Le helps us understand what vertical ridge augmentation really is and what are reasonable expectations of treatment. Considered one of the most difficult goals of regenerative therapy, Dr. Le lays down the fundamentals of regenerative surgical technique and also how to identify the candidates for this treatment modality. Dr. Le also talks about a systematic approach to growing ridge form for future implant dentistry with guidelines to assist the less experienced clinician.

  • Optimizing Bone Grafting: Insights from Comparative Studies

    Dr. Angela Palaiologou-Gallis

    In this episode, Dr. David Barack, a periodontist and medical director at Dentsply Sirona Regenerative Solutions, sits down with Dr. Angela Palaiologou-Gallis, program director for graduate periodontics at the University of Texas Health San Antonio. They delve into the intricacies of bone grafting, particularly in the context of site development for implants. Dr. Palaiologou shares insights from her recent study comparing OSSIX™ bone with other materials in extraction sockets for ridge preservation. They discuss the study’s findings on histologic outcomes, highlighting the advantages of having a higher percentage of native bone for optimal healing and implant stability. The conversation also touches on the challenges of peri-implantitis and the importance of selecting the right graft materials to ensure long-term success in dental implants.

  • Behind the Breakthrough: The Innovation Journey of OSSIX® (Part 1)

    Dr. Yuval Zubery

    (Episode Part 1 out of 2)

    This candid discussion with one of the original co-developers of the OSSIX® products travels along the journey of Dr. Zubery from his residency in Periodontics to present day.

    Dr. Barack and Dr. Zubery discuss regenerative surgical procedures, the development of OSSIX® Products, and the impact of this “game-changing” technology on the area of regenerative procedures. Form the early days of Kolbar OSSIX membrane to the release of OSSIX® Volumax, the impact of these materials and how they help clinicians develop new bone for their patients is reviewed.  This compelling conversation offers the wisdom gained from experience, successes and failures to help the cultivate ethical, clinical and emotional aspects of implant surgical treatments.